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What is karate?

Karate is the practice and development of blocking and striking techniques for the purpose of self defence, health and self development within a specified code of behaviour allied to particular oriental cultural practices.

Movements are short, sharp and linear, with blocks being used to ward off an attack, followed by counter attacks to discourage further aggression.  There are many spectacular techniques of destruction, but there also many lesser known techniques which are beneficial to health.

Besides being an excellent form of self defence, karate is also a thrilling competitive sport.  Regular training in karate not only improves the body's physical stamina and suppleness but also produces the mental calm and assurance which comes from knowing you can defend yourself.


While you learn the 3 main disciplines of Karate: Khion, Kumite and Kata
you will also gain:

  • Self Defence Skills
  • Develop fitness & flexibility
  • Become more confident & maintain self esteem
  • Have fun & make new friends

Gradings are held regularly throughout the year, where students take an exam to achieve their next grade. For many young students this promotes self-confidence and a sense of achievement and motivation.

Additionally, students participate in courses run by Sensei Sahota and take part in an annual TISKA National Competition, giving students the oppurtunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt and developed through their training.

Why Shotokan Karate for Children

Self Confidence: Karate is one of the best builders of self confidence.  Traditional Shotokan Karate training helps prepare a child for life, helping with issues such as bullying, the pressures of exams and the building of self esteem. Children like to perform, especially for the people they love and respect.  With a little encouragement and support from the instructor, they will rise to the occasion and surprise themselves with their own achievements.

Etiquette: Children are taught from the outset that Shotokan Karate is primarily a defensive and not an offensive martial art. Children learn how to be polite and respect their fellow students, instructor and parents.

Discipline: A child’s concentration is enhanced if they learn to focus their mind on the job in hand, whether by learning a sequence of complicated techniques in Karate or by passing an exam in school. Many parents notice a marked improvement of concentration once Karate training has commenced.

Why Shotokan Karate for Adults

Self Defence: Street violence, especially muggings, take place in every town in the country and Shotokan
Karate is an effective form of unarmed combat.

Health and Flexibility: Shotokan Karate will help to improve your overall fitness and general wellbeing. 
With regular training, flexibility and strength will improve.

For more information on how to join us, see the Beginners page.

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Classes in Henley-on-Thames

The Club Instructor

Mr Sehmbi has been training for the last 25 years under the guidance of the Chief Instructor of the association Mr G Sahota.

The Henley club is a well established with a wide mix of men, women and children.  Our objectives are to keep a friendly yet well disciplined club that works hard and to ensure that all our students enjoy themselves whilst training.

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